The Dudes 2020


Want to be rewarded for attending Bulldog Baseball games? The Dudes is back for 2020! It's easy to begin working towards the exclusive Dudes prizes, just make sure your 2020 Dudes Membership has been activated. 


The Dudes is the official baseball student support group at Mississippi State. The Dudes is an extension of Hail State Rewards and membership in the program must be renewed each baseball season in order to receive the benefits for that season. Every time you earn you HSR points for attending a baseball game, you also simultaneously earn your Dudes credit for attending the game.

Being a member of the Dudes each season provides you a number of exclusive benefits:

  • Exclusive 2020 Dudes T-Shirt 
  • Access to exclusive "Dudes" prizes in the HSR Prize Store following the season
  • Ability to be named "Dude of the Game" at a game where you will be recognized on the field and receive a gift from MSU Baseball
Once your Dudes membership is activated for the season, you will notice a new maroon bar located below your profile photo on the HSR app (this may take up to 72 hours to appear), this bar signifies your membership for this year and is what you will need to show workers to gain access to grandstand seating at Dudy Noble when available. You will also begin being able to work towards unlocking the exclusive Dudes prizes for this season (NOTE: if you join the program after the season has already started, we will still retroactively count your attendance at games you have previously attended, as long as you have swiped your student ID or checked in on the HSR app). 


It's an honor to be selected as the Dude of the Game, and I'm sure you want to know how you can earn that title for a game this season. It's simple - wear your 2020 Dudes shirt to the game and help us create the best atmosphere in college baseball. Our staff is always looking around for Dudes who go above and beyond to help create a great home field advantage, and we just might tab you as our Dude of the game.